Volkswagen aims to become world leader in electric cars by 2025

Volkswagen aims to become world leader in electric cars by 2025

The German car company, Volkswagen aims to become a global leader in the segment of electric cars by 2025 with the introduction of variety models. The company is focusing on the clean-energy vehicles to overcome the major diesel emission scandal. Volkswagen plans to sell 10lakh electric cars per year and also wants to become the global electric car leader by 2025.

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To increase the portfolio of electric cars, the company will be funded new investments and applied more fundamental changes in the next 10 years. Volkswagen has already committed for biggest revamp and concentred on the future technologies like self-driving cars, electric cars and digitalisation.

Volkswagen is trying to increase the company’s core brand by expanding the future rich portfolio of products.  Hence, it is working on the next-generation cars in all kinds of segments, especially in the e-cars segment. Before that, the VW Group tries to recover from the diesel emission scandal raised in the last year. The default device with the emission cheating software installed in 11 million diesel vehicles and the crisis damaged the company’s image as well as hurt sales in the global market.

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Volkswagen has launched the larger and seven-seat SUV, Atlas and plans to introduce 17 new SUVS in the global market by 2020. The carmaker want to take the big step that will be continuously expanded in the worldwide with the long-term plans and clear strategies.

Besides, the company has announced that it plans to cut 30,000 jobs to save Rs. 26,843 Crore (3.7 billion euros) as it has planned to investment in future technologies. The list of the India-specific VW cars to be increased in the coming years as most of the Indian customers will wait for the better models with the new technologies.


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