5 Upcoming fast and furious trends in car tech

What’s the difference between a good movie and a great movie? A good movie will keep you entertained for 2 hours, while a great movie will change your life. We’re not even being dramatic here – just have a look at the “Fast and Furious” franchise: not only did it spark the passion for car tuning in millions of people, but it also impacted one of the biggest industries in the world. The automotive industry was forever changed by the Fast and Furious movies, as people started wanting more from their cars. To this day, those movies continue to shape the auto industry. Here are 5 upcoming Fast and Furious trends in car tech.


One of the most awesome elements of the cars in Fast and Furious was the neon-glow underneath and inside them, but unfortunately that’s not exactly legal for street cars in most places. However, we have the next best thing coming – laser lights. Sure, they won’t be as exotic-looking as the colorful neons you saw in the movie, but they will still look incredible and give cars an exquisite look.

Laser headlights are already present in BMW’s i8 model, and are expected to hit other models as well very soon, having multiple advantages over traditional headlights: the light is brighter and more uniform than regular headlights or xenon headlights, and they are also more economic in terms of power use. They will also give car tuners an opportunity to bring their game to the next level.


Revved up engines are iconic parts of the Fast and Furious movies, giving a car an aggressive feel. Unfortunately, the future doesn’t seem to be very fond of this aspect, as the cars of tomorrow will most likely be all-electric, which will take the roar away. Engines of the future might be silent, but don’t let that fool you into thinking they won’t be powerful – Tesla already demonstrated what electric engines are capable of, making its Model S sedan able to challenge and take down sports cars with an impressive performance of hitting 0-100 km/h in under 3 seconds. The only reason we’re not seeing electric vehicles all around just yet is because it takes a bit too long to charge them right now, but once Porsche’s Mission E comes to life, it’s bound to change the game with its high-current quick-charge technology that will give electric cars a solid charge in under 15 minutes.


Another iconic element of Fast and Furious is tire torturing. Whether we’re talking about burnouts, drifts or just aggressive breaking, there are numerous scenes that involve burning some rubber, and while the results are nothing short of spectacular, they might become a thing of the past at some point. At the 2016 Geneva Motor Show, Goodyear had an interesting presentation, demonstrating the concept tire that might equip all cars in the future. Goodyear’s approach to the tires of the future is nothing short of impressive, starting from its unconventional spherical shape, which is bound to make steering and lateral parking easier than ever, up to the technologies it will incorporate, such as communicating with other cars on the road and informing them of obstacles or dangerous weather conditions.


The cars in the Fast and Furious movies are pure eye candy, and while a large part of the magic is given by the exotic tuning the cars received, their color also plays an important role. Common colors are exactly what they sound like – common, and people are not satisfied by common anymore, so extravagant colors are starting to become a thing. This is where technology comes in: thanks to a bit of magic known as paramagnetic paint, the color of a car can be changed from a remote to pretty much any color you can imagine. This is done by painting the car with multiple layers of special paint that reacts by changing color when electricity goes through.

Paramagnetic paint is still in early development, so getting a car painted will cost a small fortune, but as time goes by, the technology should soon be available to the masses, so you might be able to get it soon.

In-car entertainment

It’s not only the outside of the cars that was catchy – so was the inside. Unfortunately, this element was mostly present in the first movies, as the latter switched the focus on the action instead, but passionate people didn’t miss out these details. From in-car gaming systems up to high-power audio systems and sophisticated multimedia players, the Fast and Furious cars had them all. Unlike the other technologies in the previous sections, in-car entertainment options are already available on the market, and Porsche parts UK is one of the best places to get them.


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