VW Group to initiate vehicle recall in India due to emission scandal

VW Group to initiate vehicle recall in India due to emission scandal

The Volkswagen Group has decided to recall its cars in the Indian market due to the biggest Volkswagen emission scandal, which was raised nine months back in the worldwide. The several markets have been already received the recall from the German carmaker and finally, the Indian market has scheduled for the recall after nine months.

Autocar India reported that the India recall will be commenced in a phased manner at the end of this month. The recall process will be started with the previous generation model, Skoda Superb that was featured the 2.0-litre EA 189 common-rail diesel engine. As per the reports the EA 189 family diesel engines were the centre of the major emission scandal.

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The company’s spokesperson said that the company has received the approval for recalling the first set of cars, which are available with the 2.0-litre EA 189 diesel engine. The previous generation Skoda Superb has been discontinued in 2015, even though the engine gets the software update.

In the range of company’s diesel vehicles, the 1.2-litre and 2.0-ltre diesel units will need the software update, but the downsized version of the regular 1.6-litre (1.5-litre) engine will get both the software update and hardware change.

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In the International market, the vehicles attended the emission crash test before the recall. The crash test reports suggested that the diesel vehicles deliver higher emissions along with the maximum power and fuel economy on the roads. But the same vehicles were designed to deliver the low emission under the laboratory test procedure.

Anyway, Volkswagen Group cars needed both software update along with the control of emission norms. So that the Volkswagen India will have a voluntary recall to continue the EA 189 engines as well as the latest technical updates. As per the sources, whatever the technical updates announced for the European markets will be applied to the Indian-bound Volkswagen Group cars.

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The company’s authorised dealers (Volkswagen Dealers) will contact the car owners, who involved in the company’s first phase of recall, for the technical update. The total process is to be done with free of cost at the authorised dealer’s workshops or service centres.


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