Mahindra domestic sales up 15% in August 2016

Mahindra domestic sales up 15% in August 2016

Mahindra & Mahindra, the UV maker has registered the sales growth of 15 percent in the last month by the sales of 36,944 vehicles. Mahindra’s sales were stood at 32,122 units during the corresponding month of the previous year. Mahindra has exported a total of 3,647 vehicles, including passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles, in the previous month and received the 4 percent of growth in exports.

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The total Mahindra sales of 40,591 units in August 2016 and registered a sales growth of 14 percent as against 35,634 units in the year-ago duration. The segment of passenger vehicles, containing cars, utility vehicles, and vans, stood at the sales of 18,246 units during the last month as compared to 14,198 units in August 2015, representing a growth of 29 percent.

The segment medium and heavy CVs, including small trucks, Big-Bolero pick-up, Imperio, as well, holds the total sales of 371units in the last month. This category has a growth of 9 percent compared the duration of August 2015.

Mahindra domestic sales up 15% in August 2016 - Automotive Manufacturers Pvt Ltd

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Mahindra will have the similar kind of sales in the next month as the Supreme Court has lifted the ban on heavy diesel vehicles and SUVs. In the last few months, the company’s sales has dropped in the NCR/Delhi regions as of the initiative of registration ban. The company has already implemented the alternative method of introduction of small diesel engine in the existed SUVs to overcome that.

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The list of Mahindra cars, compact Bolero (small-4metre Bolero), new multi-purpose vehicle and the petrol versions of the currently selling cars, will be launched soon in the market. As per the sources (India Car), Mahindra to launch around 7 new cars in the next two years. Moreover, the company is fully concentrated on the electrical vehicle segment and working on the affordable all-new compact electric SUV.


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