Mahindra begins working on world’s affordable electric SUV; it might be KUV 100 electric

Mahindra begins working on world’s affordable electric SUV; it might be KUV 100 electric

Report from Economic Times, Mahindra has announced that the company will introduce the world’s most affordable electric car with the compact SUV platform in the EV segment. Mahindra Reva, the electric unit of the largest carmaker, is working on the global-specific electric SUV, which was codenamed as S107.

After the e2o and e-Verito cars, this is the biggest project of Mahindra in the electric vehicle segment. The company’s compact SUV expertise to be added to the electric cars so that the upcoming car will introduce as a special one in the automotive industry with the combination of two technologies. Mahindra Reva’s e2o, first electric car from the Indian manufacturer, is available in the domestic and some of the export markets.

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The EV segment is important for the country, that’s why Mahindra is improving its electric car portfolio. The existing E2o andVertio electric models address the requirements of potential buyers. Similarly, the upcoming compact electric SUV is expected to offer the excellent driving experience to the customers.

The UV maker is considering the recently launched KUV 100 for electrification, but the total plans and details are yet to be decided, according to Pravin Shah, chief executive of Mahindra (Automotive). This idea to boost Mahindra electric, which is currently focusing on the overseas markets.

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If possible, the company to introduce the CNG versions of the Mahindra KUV 100 along with the electric versions in the coming years, according to the closest person of Mahindra.

Source: Automotive


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