Volkswagen to reveal new electric vehicle at the Paris Motor Show

Volkswagen to reveal new electric vehicle at the Paris Motor Show

A few months back, Volkswagen has declared that the company is planning to launch 30 new electric vehicles by the end of 2025. Now, the sources indicated that one of the EV range models is to attend the upcoming Paris Motor Show. It will be the first electric vehicle from the German carmaker and launched in the global market by the year 2019.

Volkswagen will cut some of regular diesel and petrol powered vehicles to expand its EV range in the global market. Moreover, the global standard car manufacturer has endeavoured to regain its popularity in the biggest markets by introducing the all-new electric cars with the technology-based platforms. Volkswagen’s name has collapsed in the worldwide markets due to the major diesel emission scandal so that the company is implementing several alternatives to overcome the major problem.

Volkswagen to reveal new electric vehicle at the Paris Motor Show - Automotive Manufacturers

The new electric vehicle range will be powered by the highly efficient electric motors with the range between 400km and 600km for a single charge. The first electric vehicle is expected to be rated at the 480km with the new platform and body style. The real figures of the EVs are not yet disclosed, but the company will reveal 400 plus range EVs in the market.

The VW first electric vehicle will be the new version of the BUDD-e or the hatchback and offered by the huge boot space, according to the sources. Being the biggest carmaker, VW is working on the new platforms for the upcoming electric models. The next-generation VW electric cars to target the existing vehicles in the EV segment with the quality of German engineering, maximum outputs, design quality, as well.

The upcoming Paris Motor Show will most probably host the first VW electric vehicle that contains more speculations regarding the body style and the platform. While the company will introduce the high range electric models for the aspirational global customers.

Source: Automotive


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