Maruti Suzuki Ertiga satisfies more than 2,75,000 customers in India

Maruti Suzuki Ertiga satisfies more than 2,75,000 customers in India

The Ertiga is the single multi-purpose vehicle from Maruti Suzuki, the leading car manufacturer in the country. The latest report is the company has sold more than 2,75,000 units of Ertiga vehicles in the domestic country since its launch in April 2012. The Ertiga has been received the modifications (facelift) in the last year, in terms of mechanical and design specifications. An average basis, the Maruti Ertiga holds around 5,500 unit’s sales in a month.

Currently, the car market is shifting towards to the compact SUVs and crossovers, even though the Ertiga has received the respectable mark among the multiple models. The Ertiga was the second highest selling multi-purpose vehicle in the country in the last month and registered the total sales of 6,625 units.  The Maruti MPV is the best competitor for the Toyota Innova Crysta, which is the top selling MPV in the last month.

              Maruti Suzuki Ertiga satisfies more than 2,75,000 customers in India - Automotive Manufacturers

The Ertiga is offered in both fuel types with the 1.3-litre diesel and 1373cc petrol engines in the market. To increase its market share, the company has introduced the Ertiga hybrid versions on the diesel variants in October 2015. The Indian carmaker has imported the mild-hybrid system (SHVS) from Suzuki for the Indian models and it was first introduced in the Maruti Ciaz sedan. The Ertiga Hybrid or Ertiga SHVS is receiving more popularity in the market compared to the regular versions. The Maruti Suzuki Ertiga Hybrid is one of the fuel-efficient cars in India and rated at the fuel-economy of 24.52kpl.

The Ertiga Hybrid benefits from the subsidy amount of Rs. 13,000 under the FAME scheme as well as excused from the Delhi’s odd-even scheme. It costs Rs. 6.68lakh to Rs. 9.68L in Ex-showroom of Hyderabad.

The Ertiga is likely to reach 3,00,000 unit’s sales in India by the end of this year if the Ertiga will have the same response in the coming months like the July month sales.

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