Audi India Imported Q7 Petrol to India for Testing

Audi India Imported Q7 Petrol to India for Testing

Audi has imported the petrol version of its popular SUV, Audi Q7 for testing as the luxury carmaker is planning to introduce the Q7 petrol versions soon in India. The imported model comes with the 2.0-litre TFSI engine, but it will not be permitted in Delhi and NCR as of the Supreme Court’s order, registration ban on more than 2000cc diesel vehicles. So that, the company is working on the Audi Q7 to address the SC’s order.

In late 2015, the luxury carmaker launched the updated versions of the popular SUV, Q7 in the Indian market. The coming model will get the luxurious cabin, bolder style and the new features. The upcoming one has some similar views of the existed model, while the new one gets the additional design elements and features.

The current selling Audi Q7 model is only available with the single diesel engine option of the 3.0-litre TDI with the output capacity of 245bhp and 600Nm at 1500rpm. It comes with the Audi Quattro AWD system, which distributes power to all wheels and the automatic gearbox of 8-speed Tiptronic.

The diesel versions of the updated Audi Q7 model have more demand in the Indian market so that the company expected that the petrol versions will have the similar response from the customers. The Audi Q7 petrol with the 2.0-litre TFSI has already launched in some of the Asian markets. Audi will most probably introduce the Audi Q7 petrol with the downsized engine and the same automatic gearbox used in diesel variant.

Currently, the Audi Q7 is priced at around Rs. 73.97lakh (On Road Price, Hyderabad) and available with three variants, TDI Quattro Premium, TDI Quattro Premium Plus and TDI Quattro Technology Pack. Here is no confirmation from Audi, but the upcoming Q7 petrol is expected to be introduced by the end of this year.

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