Next-gen Audi Q5 Spotted in India

Next-gen Audi Q5 Spotted in India

The next generation Audi Q5 is imported to the Indian market before its launch due to test the vehicle in all weather conditions. The luxury carmaker is continuously testing the upcoming Q5 SUV in the international markets. The Indian market is one of Audi’s global testing hubs so that Audi India imported its range of cars for testing. The Audi Q5 is spied on the roads with the exterior cover, but its shape is identical to the SUV models.

The upcoming SUV will be featured the Audi Q7s MLB platform that helps to reduce the weight of the vehicle. With the MLB platform, the sources reported that the luxury car could be lighter by around 100kgs based on the variants, compared to the existed model.

Being a future generation SUV, the Q5 will offer with the four-cylinder diesel and six-cylinder petrol engines and the both manual and automatic gearboxes. The SUV has received these engines from the Audi A4 and offered with the choices of two drive systems, FWD and AWD. There is no official report, but the company plans to launch the higher variant of Audi Q5 with the twin-turbo V6 petrol engine rated at the more than 500hp and Quattro system.

Coming to the design, the Q5 SUV will get the stylish equipment, including angular headlamps and prominent front grille from the existing larger Q7. Additionally, the SUV will get the daytime running lights with the LED indicators and the interior will borrow from the new Audi A4. It comes with the technology-based systems like MMI system and Audi Virtual Cockpit system.

The SUV will likely launch in the next year in the international markets. There are more chances to manufacture the Q5 in the new Audi plant in Mexico. It will be the first SUV model from the German carmaker produced outside the Germany. Moreover, Audi also plans to manufacture the Q5 models in India and China.

The next-generation Audi Q5 will come to the Indian market by the end of the next year or in 2018 and cost a little bit more than the current one.

Source: Automotive


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